Free Apps on Amazon. Can it be hurtful?

Free Apps on AmazonCan it be hurtful?

As a potential developer, and a current website author I know that ratings and comments are incredibly important.  You want to be seen in the best light and you want to be seen as an asset to whatever genre you are creating digital media in.  Android apps are the same way.  No matter where you get your app from their is always a rating that is considered and comments that are read before the app is downloaded.

So you get the opportunity to have your app listed as the “Amazon Free App of the Day”.  You have to consider both the good and bad sides of it. the good is obvious. You are going to get your app out to thousands and thousands of people that might not have ever heard of your app before.  A ton of publicity for your app.  But at what cost.

the problem I see here is that because of the fact that people are just going to download it because it is free it puts you into the possibility for a poor rating or comment. And I am not talking about a justified poor rating.  If there is a quality issue with the game, or something isn’t working.  I am talking about a review like the following example:

1.0 out of 5 stars Supermarket chick game, July 27, 2011
*.********* “undulating tendril of disarray" (Over There) – See all my reviews(REAL NAME) 
This review is from: Supermarket Scramble (App)These apps sure are full of exciting settings and themes. For chicks. What the hell is up with all the lady themed market bakery lame insulting to intelligent woman games? Does the dev really believe this type of marketing tactic will make women buy this cheeseball crap? Pfft more crappy apps…

You get a review from someone that shouldn’t have downloaded the app in the first place.  I am saying this because the app is called: Supermarket Scramble.  It is an app that appears to be marketing itself to a certian type of person, obviously not the type of person that downloaded it and reviewed it. 

What would fix this?  I think that Android Market has a great idea in the fact that you have to purchase or download the app to be able to rate it. Amazon will let anyone review any item on their site…  Any suggestions on how to make this better?

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