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Root Only App Store for Android?

An idea was thrown out the the world on Google+ (Koushik Dutta) for a root only android app store. A place for apps related to rooting your phone, or other mods, along with all the stuff that Google and Amazon have banned from their app stores. 


 I think it is a great idea.  I would love to see this happen and would love to contribute however I can.  Check out the post (at the below links) and give your own feedback.

Sources AndroidAndMe.com, Google+


AllSport GPS PRO – Free Amazon Appstore App of the Day 8/25/11

Name: AllSport GPS PRO
Make Your Workouts Count
Reach your fitness goals faster with AllSport GPS PRO. Track your workouts, including runs, walks, bike rides and other sports on a map. View 25 heart-pounding stats as you sweat: time, speed, calories, distance. Privately store and analyze training sessions on AllSport GPS’s website. Find places to train and share your weight loss workouts with our fitness community and on Facebook.

Your Android Coach
AllSport GPS PRO uses the GPS in your Android phone. No cell or data signals are required to see where, how far, how fast, or how many calories you burned. Use it as a personal coach to train for 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon races. Keep track of your charity workouts such as Susan G. Komen walking and running events and MS 150 rides.

You can track bicycle rides, runs, walks, skiing, and other workouts. AllSport GPS PRO works for single sport or multi-sport athletes training for a triathlon. Use AllSport GPS as a personal coach and weight loss trainer to build muscles, burn fat, and watch your calorie counter graphs grow. Record lap times and create interval programs.

Get the Lay of the Land
AllSport GPS allows you to plan future workout routes using free web-based map tools, including turn-by-turn cycling directions that avoid highways. Preload free offline topographical maps, aerial photos, and road maps on your SD card so you can view maps in remote areas on mountain bike rides, trail runs, road bike routes, etc. Check five-day weather reports, including today’s temperature, heat index, humidity, and wind speed. View elevation and speed profiles.

View your progress and exact location on street, aerial, and topographical maps. Collect 25 on-the-go stats (time, speed, distance, pace) and boost your heart rate. Shoot video and photos, and collect memories as you go. You can also save videos to your YouTube account.

Workout with the World
Share workouts and cardio training sessions on AllSport GPS’s website, Facebook, and Twitter. Access editor-approved rides by Bicycling magazine and shared community trips. Race against your previous workouts, friends, or other community members to improve your personal records. With AllSport GPS PRO, all you need is a desire to achieve your physical best.


Earthquakes All Over The USA?

It appears as though the world has started to shake all around us.  First there was a 5.3 magnitude in Colorado, then today the east coast got a shake up with a 5.9 with the epicenter in Virginia.  Where I am is sort of in between the 2, and I didn’t feel a thing here… (It may help that as a robot I can hover over the ground, though…)
So in honor of these natural disasters I present you with a cool earthquake app (and a few bonuses below).

Name:Earthquakes in USA Description: Visualize the location and magnitude of earthquakes happening across the USA, Canada, and Mexico with this informative geology app. Define points of interest and watch readings and data flow onto your phone as quakes happen nearby. Sort quakes by magnitude and date to access quick statistics about seismic activity in North America. Share your findings with others by either copying quake data to the clipboard and pasting it somewhere, or using integrated social networks like Facebook and Google Buzz.
-Visualize the location and magnitude of earthquakes happening across the USA, Canada, and Mexico with this informative geology app
-Define points of interest and watch readings and data flow onto your phone as quakes happen nearby
-Share your findings with others via social networking (Facebook, Google Buzz, and others)

Bonus Apps:

Name:End of TIme? Description: On Dec. 21, 2012, Maya’s “Long Count” calendar marks the end of a 5,126-year era. Some people think this marks the end of time. The Bible says, in so many words, that nobody knows when the end will come. Is this the last day? Get this app and keep track of the Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds that are left.

Name:Bible from YouVersion.com Description: #1 Android Bible app. The Bible from YouVersion.com – 100% FREE. Get the #1 rated and ranked Bible App for FREE. We want to make it easy for you to read and share God’s Word. 50+ free translations and dozens of reading plans to help you read the Bible and track your progress.

Some “Best of the Best” accessories for your Android phone:


xScope Browser for Web and File – Free on Amazon’s Appstore Today (8/23/11)

Name: xScope Browser for Web and File
Tired of your bare-bones stock Android browser? Looking for something that meshes the best of home browsing with the best of mobile browsing? Meet xScope Browser for Web and File. It’s a jack-of-all-trades that offers a blazing fast Web browser loaded with extensive media downloading, content sharing, and customization features, including Flash support. Hotkeys, long press and swipe selections, and zoom options abound. You also get a fully realized file explorer with the ability to e-mail and zip files to round it all out.

Do Everything Faster
Convenient and unique browsing features abound in xScope Browser. Check it out:

Browsing Essentials and More
Flash support for your favorite rich media content
True tabbed browsing; bounce between tasks and websites with ease
Instant Back/Forward navigation
Abundant webpage options include “find in page,” “copy,” and “screenshot” features for text
Visual bookmarks on your homepage bring you to your favorite sites in one touch
Importing for Google and desktop bookmarks (via an HTML file)
Adjustable page zoom scale and page layout
Zoom Three Ways
Pin Zoom, an original idea from xScope Browser, lets you smoothly zoom with only one finger
Pinch-to-zoom using two fingers
Tap zooming with one finger
Hotkeys and Shortcuts
Physical keyboards allow touch screen-free scrolling in landscape mode; volume keys scroll in portrait mode
Three different ways to open a new tab while browsing; hard swipe to rotate between open tabs
Page options icon; share URLs and screenshots on Facebook and Twitter
Download and Share with Ease
Love to save the media you find online? Download and share images, audio (mp3), and documents (pdf, doc, etc.) easily with a long press. xScope Browser also makes downloading and viewing videos (mp4) easier than ever. Long-press the play button on a streaming video and rapidly download popular video sites’ content to watch on the go. And with the built-in file browser, organizing the media you add to your phone’s storage is simple.

Web Browser, or Application Suite?
More than just a Web interface, xScope Browser for Web and File gives you virtually complete control of your Android browsing experience. No more need for hunting through various phone interfaces or a separate file management app to find your media and system files. xScope lets your rename and organize your files with ease right from your browser just like on a home computer, or you can archive (zip) files and e-mail them to others hassle-free.

Some “Best of the Best” accessories for your Android phone:


ZDefense – Free Amazon Appstore App of the Day 8/22/11

Name: ZDefense
Pure Tower Defense
ZDefense distills the best elements of tower defense games. This game features sharply drawn, geometric shapes on a hexagon grid, recalling the timeless old-school designs of such arcade classics as Tempest and Breakout. This fast-paced game will challenge even the most experienced tower defense fans.

Tower Defense 101
For those unfamiliar with the addictive tower defense genre, the game mechanics are fairly simple. You’re provided with cash to build towers of varying designs, strengths, and costs. Eventually your enemies (called “creeps” in this game) will come pouring out and make a beeline toward the exit you’re defending.

Every time you blast a creep, you gain a little money to build more towers. You can also spend your money upgrading the towers you have. Every time a creep reaches the exit, you take damage. Tower defense games are essentially a juggling act of resource allocation and fast reflexes.

Stay Calm. Don’t Panic. Keep Firing!
As creeps keep coming and coming, ZDefense evolves into a frantic maelstrom of destruction. You’ll face 50 waves of enemies in less than five minutes. Defend an exit in the middle of the map from creeps coming in from all directions. You simply can’t use the same strategy for every level; you must change up your tactics for each map.

ZDefense’s maps generally have 10 to 30 waves of enemies. The full version features five tutorial, ten normal, and eight hard maps. There are five tower types with seven levels each. To make your life more complicated, a special tile called the Space Gate allows creeps to teleport from one gate to another.

Command the Creeps
ZDefense comes with a map editor so you can create your own nightmare scenarios to terrify your fellow tower defense fans. The editor comes with full instructions and customizable maps, creeps, towers, and waves. Customize the game mechanics, such as wave wait times, base life, money, and more. You can also take screen captures of your game to record your victories and show off to your friends.

Some “Best of the Best” accessories for your Android phone:


FRG Deluxe – Free Amazon Appstore App of the Day 8/20/11

Name: FRG Deluxe
Description: Fight off hordes of enemies with an armored robot in this arcade shooter for Android. Unlock different weapons and robot types as you fight your way through 18 challenging levels. Mow down lone enemies with the rapid-fire chaingun, then switch to the shotgun to clear out waves of foes.

Use your skills to stay alive as you complete achievements and challenge yourself across three difficulty levels. Climb your way to the top of the leaderboards with online high score listings!

In FRG Deluxe, players take control of a heavily armed robot on the battlefield fighting off hordes of different enemies. Move and dodge attacks using the touchpad or optical joystick, or touch and drag your robot across the screen to activate boost. Use the Menu button switches between your different unlocked weapons–lock on and fire one of six deadly weapon types to destroy your foes. Gain points by completing different achievements and improving your score, then use them to upgrade your robot with different weapons, armor, and power ratings.

Up to eight players can battle it out in a free-for-all deathmatch. Find online matches with other players in the online games list. Grab your favorite robot and start playing online. With three difficulty settings to choose from, anyone can find a suitable challenge for their skill level. Rack up the points, complete achievements, then compare scores with the rest of the world through OpenFeint’s online leaderboards.

Additional Features:
-Play through both normal mode and survival mode.
-Change three different settings for each robot: armor, speed, and power.
-Learn the basics of gameplay through in-game help documentation.

Some “Best of the Best” accessories for your Android phone:


wp clock full – Free Amazon Appstore App 8/19/11

Name: wp clock full


Your wallpaper can look good and still be useful. Display the day, date, time, WiFi service set identifier, and battery status boldly across a background of your choice. Get what you need at a glance and like what you see.

Love the Way It Looks
Using the sliding color scales, create the precise font color you desire. Add an outline for additional flair, and choose its color, opacity, and thickness. An endless array of background choices enhance the personalized and polished finish of the wallpaper. Select or create a color using the apps sliding color scale, or use any background image from your device or the Internet. Play a slideshow of images from a selected directory for a varying duration- -yep, you can pick that too.

Appreciate Its Purpose
Conveniently display what you want, how you want. Down to the details, wp clock full offers a variety of ways to personalize the format. It supports both 12- and 24-hour clock modes. Using checkboxes or dropdown menus, determine what to include on your screen, including clock position, time format, battery status, operator name, and more. It’s a simple app, offering useful information in an aesthetically pleasing package.

Some “Best of the Best” accessories for your Android phone:


Overkill – Free Amazon App of the Day 8/17/11

Name: Overkill


Fly your ship through asteroid fields and waves of enemies to collect, upgrade, and destroy in Overkill. A side-scrolling shooter full of pure adrenaline-pumping action, Overkill puts an AI-guided spacecraft with responsive tilt controls at your disposal to help you defeat thousands of foes, earn high scores, and share those scores via online leaderboards.

Fight through enemy forces and challenging bosses, destroying anything that gets in your way to earn points and money. Occasional secondary objectives help keep gameplay varied, while you use the money earned to return to your hangar and upgrade your three weapon categories (cannons, rockets, and heavy weapons) in order to eradicate enemies and debris more efficiently. You also collect power-ups like rapid fire and double damage for increased destructive power.

Gameplay Modes
Start a new game and get into the main campaign, which is narrated by your ship’s AI. Or jump into one of several quick missions and bonus missions reflecting the campaign’s objectives in stand-alone form. You can even play survival mode if you’re up for a high score challenge. In the campaign you can select from four different difficulty levels for a variety of experiences: easy, normal, hard, and extreme.

Score Submission
At the end of each level, submit your score to the Scoreloop leaderboards with a Scoreloop login or a unique player ID. This widely used system lets you find out your rank for the last 24 hours, among players worldwide, or among your friends.

Additional Features
-Autosave when backing out of the game or exiting to your home screen
-Set controls to use the accelerometer or the touchscreen and keypad, trackball, or directional pad
-Tweak control sensitivity, sound effects, and music
-Increase the graphical filtering and detail if your phone has more powerful hardware
-Expect new levels, weapons, and power-ups to be added in future updates

Some “Best of the Best” accessories for your Android phone:


Everlands – Free Amazon Android App for 8/15/11

Name: Everlands

Story-Based, Hexagon-Shaped, Strategy Puzzle
Dark and sinister forces have invaded the colorful world of Everlands. Everlands animals must unite to combine the best of their abilities, together standing against the great threat that casts a shadow over their beloved homeland.

Each animal has unique strengths, weaknesses, and features. Defeat the foes of Everlands through strategy and tactics by combining dozens of animal abilities, leading them through more than 20 carefully prepared levels. Reveal the truth behind the source of mysterious evil in a unique turn-based game.

Game Objective
The goal of the game is to win battles by capturing as many enemy hexagons as possible with the strengths and abilities of your animal hexagons. If you manage to gain more than half of the combatants in that round, you win the battle.

Animal Hex health and attack power levels
Strategic Gameplay
Click on each animal hexagon to see useful information about that animal’s abilities. Based on that description, you place that hexagon on the board to prepare for battle against the enemy. Keep in mind the number and direction of the attack sides of each hex. The sides of your animal’s hex that have no attack direction are undefended. Those are the sides the enemy will try to attack. Ideal placement allows your animal to point its attack in the enemy’s direction, while leaving its undefended sides away from the battle’s front.

Social Networking Features
Invite, challenge and compete with your Facebook friends
Share your achievements on your Facebook wall
Facebook single sign-on support

Some “Best of the Best” accessories for your Android phone:


Free Apps for 8/14/11 (Amazon and GetJar.com) Memory Booster/TuneIn Radio Pro

So today’s Free apps are going to get posted together, mainly because the (Amazon) one isn’t worth a post of it’s own. From Amazon we have Memory Booster Ad-Free, and from GetJar.com we have TuneIn Radio Pro.

First up (Remember to read THIS article about task killers):

Name: Memory Booster Ad-Free

Memory Booster is a powerful mobile memory and RAM boosting tool specially designed for Android smartphone users. The app increases your phone’s performance by making more memory available for both your applications and your phone’s mobile operating system.

How it Works
Memory Booster helps your phone run at optimum efficiency by defragmenting your phone’s memory, recovering memory leaks from less efficient applications, and flushing unused libraries, among other nifty memory saving tricks. Your favorite games and applications will run faster and more efficiently with Memory Booster running in the background.

Memory Booster provides a live chart to demonstrate your device’s total and free memory, and current memory usage. With Auto Boost Threshold set, Memory Booster keeps your memory higher than the desired level, and acts immediately if memory drops down. Besides automatic memory boosting, Memory Booster also allows you to manually boost your memory by Quick Boost. Other features include embedded Task Killer, Whitelist Manager, Boost Level Manager and Memory Boost Log, which assist Memory Booster to perform more efficiently and friendly.

Next we have an incredible radio app. Possibly the best out there for internet radio.

Name: TuneIn Radio Pro

Radio live, local, and beyond.

Enjoy the largest selection of radio in the world, now with more than 50000 stations streaming live. You’ll find hundreds of music formats, talk personalities, national networks like BBC, NPR and SWR, podcasts, live sports, news, weather, even scanners.

Some “Best of the Best” accessories for your Android phone: