Gem Spinner – Free Amazon App of the Day 8/24/11

Name: Gem Spinner Description: Spin Those Gems, Round and Round In Gem Spinner, you swap, spin, and slide the gems until you match three in a row. Finagle these beautiful gems to earn points against the clock with each three-way match. Fun to play and aesthetically pleasant, Gem Spinner is a challenging game with an animated, colorful, and well-crafted interface. Please note that Gem Spinner is not optimized for tablets. Drop and Drag Matching Gem Spinner isn’t your ordinary match-three game. In this unique variation, the gems are arranged inside shapes of different sizes. As you clear away gems, the shapes drop into the cleared area, much like Tetris blocks. gem spinner Swap adjacent gems to match three in a row. Double tap a gem to spin its shape 180 degrees. Match all the gems in a piece to clear the piece from the board. Drag shapes to empty board spaces to create more match opportunities. Match enough gems to complete the level goal and then continue to swap, spin, and drag to try to clear the entire board. Practice Makes Perfect Gem Spinner has two game modes. In Practice Mode, hone your gem spinning skills with no time limits. You can practice on six different boards under no pressure. When you’re ready to start spinning for real, try to beat Level One (“The Boxer”) with a time limit. As you ascend through the levels, you get less time to finish the boards, and the goals get tougher. Master the Gems Gem Spinner features a narrated and animated tutorial, so you’ll quickly understand how the game works. Conquer 35 levels that get increasingly difficult. You can also play the boards at various levels of difficulty. Track your score, and compare your skills with others all over the world. Just don’t make yourself too dizzy spinning those gems!

FRG Deluxe – Free Amazon Appstore App of the Day 8/20/11

Name: FRG Deluxe
Description: Fight off hordes of enemies with an armored robot in this arcade shooter for Android. Unlock different weapons and robot types as you fight your way through 18 challenging levels. Mow down lone enemies with the rapid-fire chaingun, then switch to the shotgun to clear out waves of foes.

Use your skills to stay alive as you complete achievements and challenge yourself across three difficulty levels. Climb your way to the top of the leaderboards with online high score listings!

In FRG Deluxe, players take control of a heavily armed robot on the battlefield fighting off hordes of different enemies. Move and dodge attacks using the touchpad or optical joystick, or touch and drag your robot across the screen to activate boost. Use the Menu button switches between your different unlocked weapons–lock on and fire one of six deadly weapon types to destroy your foes. Gain points by completing different achievements and improving your score, then use them to upgrade your robot with different weapons, armor, and power ratings.

Up to eight players can battle it out in a free-for-all deathmatch. Find online matches with other players in the online games list. Grab your favorite robot and start playing online. With three difficulty settings to choose from, anyone can find a suitable challenge for their skill level. Rack up the points, complete achievements, then compare scores with the rest of the world through OpenFeint’s online leaderboards.

Additional Features:
-Play through both normal mode and survival mode.
-Change three different settings for each robot: armor, speed, and power.
-Learn the basics of gameplay through in-game help documentation.

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Overkill – Free Amazon App of the Day 8/17/11

Name: Overkill


Fly your ship through asteroid fields and waves of enemies to collect, upgrade, and destroy in Overkill. A side-scrolling shooter full of pure adrenaline-pumping action, Overkill puts an AI-guided spacecraft with responsive tilt controls at your disposal to help you defeat thousands of foes, earn high scores, and share those scores via online leaderboards.

Fight through enemy forces and challenging bosses, destroying anything that gets in your way to earn points and money. Occasional secondary objectives help keep gameplay varied, while you use the money earned to return to your hangar and upgrade your three weapon categories (cannons, rockets, and heavy weapons) in order to eradicate enemies and debris more efficiently. You also collect power-ups like rapid fire and double damage for increased destructive power.

Gameplay Modes
Start a new game and get into the main campaign, which is narrated by your ship’s AI. Or jump into one of several quick missions and bonus missions reflecting the campaign’s objectives in stand-alone form. You can even play survival mode if you’re up for a high score challenge. In the campaign you can select from four different difficulty levels for a variety of experiences: easy, normal, hard, and extreme.

Score Submission
At the end of each level, submit your score to the Scoreloop leaderboards with a Scoreloop login or a unique player ID. This widely used system lets you find out your rank for the last 24 hours, among players worldwide, or among your friends.

Additional Features
-Autosave when backing out of the game or exiting to your home screen
-Set controls to use the accelerometer or the touchscreen and keypad, trackball, or directional pad
-Tweak control sensitivity, sound effects, and music
-Increase the graphical filtering and detail if your phone has more powerful hardware
-Expect new levels, weapons, and power-ups to be added in future updates

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Trip Journal – Amazon Free App of the Day 8/16/11

Name:Trip Journal


A Multimedia Travelogue
Trip Journal enables you to capture your vacation and travel experiences and share them with your friends and family in real time. Use the application’s built-in GPS and compass to track your route, progress, location, even altitude. Take your travel photos and videos from your mobile using Trip Journal, and record them with your travel notes as you go. Share your travel experiences day-by-day and your completed travelogue using Trip Journal’s built-in links to Facebook, Google Earth, Trip Journal, Picasa, Flickr, Youtube, and Twitter.

Your Navigator and Record-Keeper
Trip Journal functions as your navigator and record keeper, always there to keep you oriented and on course, and to document your progress. You can check you current position at any time by tapping the “Locate on map” icon; both map and satellite views are available. Tap the compass icon not only to confirm the direction you’re moving in, but to see how your trip is progressing. Look at the top of the screen to find the distance you’ve traveled and the time that’s elapsed since the start of your trip, your average speed over the course of the journey, and the minimum and maximum altitudes you’ve reached.

Capture Your Experiences
Record your experiences as you go, through photos, video, and notes. To snap up important moments while they’re happening, choose “Capture media,” and start recording stills and video. These are automatically saved to your trip album. Record thoughts and impressions about your experiences as journal notes on the vintage notepaper template under “Write a note.” Whenever you review or share your trip album, these notes, images, and videos will be included.

Bring Your Readers Along with You
Trip Journal also makes it easy to share your travel experiences. The app includes built-in links to Facebook, Google Earth, Trip Journal, Picasa, Flickr, Youtube, and Twitter that you can use to instantly upload your routes, photos, video, notes, and more. Embed your trip in your blog to bring all of your followers along on your journey. And, when you’ve completed your trip, you have a complete, ready-made Trip Journal album to keep and share, preserving the whole adventure.

• Compiles ready-made, multimedia journal album as you go
• Supports blog updates and embedding
• Supports Android’s Froyo mobile platform.

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Everlands – Free Amazon Android App for 8/15/11

Name: Everlands

Story-Based, Hexagon-Shaped, Strategy Puzzle
Dark and sinister forces have invaded the colorful world of Everlands. Everlands animals must unite to combine the best of their abilities, together standing against the great threat that casts a shadow over their beloved homeland.

Each animal has unique strengths, weaknesses, and features. Defeat the foes of Everlands through strategy and tactics by combining dozens of animal abilities, leading them through more than 20 carefully prepared levels. Reveal the truth behind the source of mysterious evil in a unique turn-based game.

Game Objective
The goal of the game is to win battles by capturing as many enemy hexagons as possible with the strengths and abilities of your animal hexagons. If you manage to gain more than half of the combatants in that round, you win the battle.

Animal Hex health and attack power levels
Strategic Gameplay
Click on each animal hexagon to see useful information about that animal’s abilities. Based on that description, you place that hexagon on the board to prepare for battle against the enemy. Keep in mind the number and direction of the attack sides of each hex. The sides of your animal’s hex that have no attack direction are undefended. Those are the sides the enemy will try to attack. Ideal placement allows your animal to point its attack in the enemy’s direction, while leaving its undefended sides away from the battle’s front.

Social Networking Features
Invite, challenge and compete with your Facebook friends
Share your achievements on your Facebook wall
Facebook single sign-on support

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Flick Kick Football – Free App of the Day from Amazon

Name: Flick Kick Football

Hear the roar of the crowd as you curve a beautiful strike past the wall of defenders….Gooooooal! Flick Kick Football delivers the thrill of taking free kicks on the goal: make your shot from different angles and distances, and watch out for shifting defenders and the goalie. Choose from Arcade, Time Attack, Practice, or Bullseye Mode, then use the intuitive flick controls to begin playing right away. Easy to pick up but hard to master, this classic time-killer is sure to appeal to casual gamers and die-hard soccer fans alike.

Curve your shots past the wall of defenders.
In Flick Kick Football, players assume the role of a striker taking shots on the goal. Pick one of four different game modes: Practice, Bullseye, Arcade, or Time Attack, and try out Flick Kick Football’s intuitive control system to begin making kicks like a pro.

To make a kick, simply line your finger up with the ball and flick the touchscreen in the direction of the goal. Not every kick is straightforward though: experiment with curving left or right in your followthrough, or give a longer swipe to kick the ball further. Find the technique that works for you, then adjust each kick to account for gaps in the opposition’s defense.

Challenging Conditions
Learn to curve your shots past defenders and the goalie: to add to the difficulty, some players will shift their positions constantly to throw off your aim. Try to target the corners of the net–referred to as the “skill zones” in the game–to increase your chance of scoring and earn additional bonuses.

Online Scores and Achievements
Flick Kick Football features online leaderboards and achievements with OpenFeint support. Rack up the points and then post your newest scores to Flick Kick’s global leaderboards. Think you’re good? Show off your skills online as you compete against others for the top spot!

Multiple Game Modes:
Test your aim with a series of bullseye targets lined up inside the goal. You will need to concentrate to make every shot count as you try to rack up the points before time runs out. Aim for the center of each target to score additional points and get awarded bonus time.

Arcade Mode
Fight to stay calm under pressure in this sudden death-styled goal shootout: one missed goal and it’s game over! Your only chance for survival is to try to aim for the “skill zone” edges of the goal: gain up to four extra lives this way.

Time Attack
It’s a race against the clock in this quickfire flick kicking challenge. How many goals can you score in only two minutes? As each successful goal adds on bonus time, you’ll have to keep cool and maintain steady aim to rack up a new highscore.

Go head to head against friends through Flick Kick Football’s pass-and-play multiplayer mode. Take turns passing the Android device between players after each shot: the first player to miss the goal three times loses.

A true test for the Flick Kick Football pros: how many times can you shoot the ball into the Skill Zones in a minute?

Key Features
*Simple and intuitive flick controls make it easy to pick up and begin play
*Challenging gameplay with moving defenders and target distances
*Loading screens with famous soccer quotes and trivia
*3D graphics and a zooming, slow-motion “goal camera” add to the excitement
*Play against your friends using Flick Kick Football’s pass-and-play multiplayer mode
*Upload scores through OpenFeint online scoring and achievements

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New York Post – Free Amazon Appstore App of the Day 8-10-11

Name: New York Post

In print since 1801, the New York Post is the oldest continually published daily newspaper in America. Now you can use your Android device to get the best headlines, sports coverage, and celebrity gossip from The Post, updated 24 hours a day.
The Post On the Go Navigating the New York Post Android Edition is easy and intuitive. The app’s home screen reveals the day’s top stories in a scrollable, vertical display. At the top of the home screen, you’ll see tabs that direct you to popular features of The Post, including the famous Page Six gossip section, The Best Sports in Town, and Photos, in addition to other popular sections.
Get Your Gossip Here First Page Six is famous for its up-to-the-minute, leave-no-stone-unturned approach to celebrity events. If a celebrity is in the headlines or making news, you can bet you’ll find timely information about him or her in this section.
The Best Sports in Town Whether you’re looking for news on the Yankees or curious about which free agent the Jets or Giants are going to sign, The Post’s coverage of New York sports is second to none.
Picture-perfect Always striking and often provocative, the Photos section is easy to get lost in. View compelling pictures covering such topics as news, celebrities, sports, and entertainment. Especially notable is Post Pix, an app-exclusive photo gallery featuring the day’s top photos. Who knows what you’ll find? One look and you’ll be hooked.
Opinion, NYC Local News, Entertainment, and More Explore the rest of The Post by navigating to the Sections tab. It’s a robust information source featuring articles by your favorite opinion writers, the NYPD Daily Blotter, Sally Brompton’s Horoscope, and the much-loved “Weird But True!” section among others.
An Important Note This app requires a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connection to download content. It downloads updated content as soon as it opens, and it continues to load new content as long as you maintain a data connection. Without a data connection, the app will display content previously downloaded in the most recent update.
If you plan on being without a data connection, we suggest that you first tap the areas of content you’re interested in, especially photo galleries, for offline viewing.

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Wiz Kid Jr. – Free amazon Appstore App of the Day 8/8/11

Name: Wiz Kid Jr.

Defend your mana from a horde of hungry spirits in the arcade puzzle adventure Wiz Kid, Jr. With the guidance of the Elder Wizard, chain together totems to increase your mana while beating back a steady onslaught of hungry spirits. You lose if the spirits eat up too much mana, but if you hold those hungry spirits off for long enough, you just might become an Unstoppable Wizard!

Wiz Kid, Jr. isn’t your ordinary block-matching game. You must trace a single straight line of at least three totems of the same color to eliminate them. But these totems won’t be dismissed so easily. Six types of hungry spirits lurk within the totems to add mayhem to the gameplay.

Feeding Frenzy
Each dangerous spirits has its own special attack to thwart your magical housecleaning. Some spirits munch up your mana, while others are ticking time bombs that create even more spirits if not dealt with in time. As you go up the levels, even more powerful spirits await to challenge your magical skills.

Say Hello to My Little Friend
Fortunately, you can access four additional magic spells to send those hungry spirits packing. You start off with a hammer that can knock out one totem. This bludgeon comes in handy when there’s a hungry spirit munching away, and you have no way of getting rid of it. As you progress up the levels, you’ll earn more powerful board-clearing spells to let those spirits know you mean business. But keep careful track of your mana. You don’t have an unlimited supply.

Wiz Kid, Jr. comes with detailed instructions and two game modes. Classic Arcade is a traditional campaign. In Super Free Play, you can select wave speed, spirit anger, and any three spirits to combat. Super Free Play is a fun way to figure out the best method of fighting the spirits. You’ll also enjoy the old school arcade music and fun sound effects as you clear out those pesky spirits.

Reviews “This is quite a solid puzzle game. There are plenty of strategies to be discovered as you try to find the best way to eliminate the spirits while keeping your mana up. Lots of fun!” – Android Rundown

“Wiz Kid, Jr. is an excellent example of arcade puzzle design. From simple, solid gameplay, it creates a frantic, mesmerizing, and entirely unique experience…” – Pocket Gamer
“Overall, Wiz Kid Jr. is a stellar game. The scary, training wizard man up top looks great, as do all the stylized fonts and accents. It runs smooth as butter, and has a kickin’ soundtrack, to boot.” – Android Central

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Spectrum Puzzles – Free Amazon Appstore App of the Day

Name: Spectrum Puzzles

Admit it, you’re a puzzle freak. You like nothing better than to take a jumble of small images–or odd-shaped cardboard pieces, if you’re really old school–and produce a complete picture suitable for framing. Spectrum Puzzles for Android understands.

Plenty of Puzzlement
This is not your grandmother’s puzzle app (if indeed, your grandmother even has a smartphone). Spectrum features a wide variety of cool features. The basic object is to unscramble images by sliding pieces around the screen. The app comes preloaded with nearly 50 vibrant, high-quality images to put together. These images cover the “spectrum” from still-life photos and nature shots to buildings and machines.

An interesting aspect of this app is that the puzzles are presented in order from easiest to most difficult. The first few will be child’s play, but you’ll probably be muttering to yourself as you gradually unlock and tackle the tougher ones. You can, however, choose four different sizes for each puzzle, ranging from 12 to 48 pieces. In addition to being able to pick the size of the puzzle, there are three difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, and Hard. These determine whether or not the pieces lock into place when you put them in the right spot, or if they show colored borders to make it even easier to place them. In this way, you can make it easier or harder on yourself.

Get the Picture?
The images included in the app are great, but it’s a lot more fun to use your own photos from your phone. Snap or select a picture of your friends or an interesting object, import it into the app, and boom–you’ve got a unique puzzle to complete. Therefore, the number of puzzles you can tackle in this app is unlimited.

Other helpful features in the app are Reminders (so you can refresh your memory of what the final image looks like), Pause, Restart (reset and start over), and the ability to save your puzzle and come back later. Of course, you’ll get so hooked on Spectrum that you’ll probably never use this feature. Must. Finish. Puzzle!

Show Your Stuff
In addition to progressing through the increasingly difficult puzzles, you can set personal marks for how long each puzzle takes you and how many moves you need to solve it. These stats are tracked for each size puzzle, so you can actually set eight different records for each one. That’s nearly 400 total records to set, so you’d better download Spectrum and get going, pronto.

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Refraction- Free Amazon App of the Day

Name: Refraction

Refraction satisfies your need for challenging puzzles that test your logic and patience.

The Objective
Each puzzle contains one or more static laser beam. Using mirrors or prisms, refract the colored laser to the circle of the same color. Various objects obstruct your path. The circle nor the source of the beam can be moved. The only way to manipulate the beam is by using the provided number of prisms and mirrors.

Depending on the color of the circle and laser, you may have to combine and split different colored lasers. This app uses pigment colors rather than light colors for refraction because pigment colors are an easier concept to grasp than light colors and accommodate the majority of users.

For example, if a puzzle has one yellow laser and one blue laser with one green circle and one yellow circle, you must combine lasers to create a green beam to reach the green circle.

The Solutions
Refraction features 120 levels with multiple solutions to each puzzle for the casual and hardcore players alike. You may like to solve a puzzle using the least amount of objects possible, or solve it with an amazing display of colors using lots of prisms and mirrors.

User Interface
The interface is accurate and simple, just like the logical gamer would want it. You won’t be distracted by silly music or non-essential flair. With the polished graphics and ultimate precision, you play the game, not fight it.

Refraction offers the ability to take screenshots from the app and save them to your SD card. To take a screenshot, tap Menu > Take Screenshot > Saves to SD Card at /Pictures/Refraction.

External storage permission is necessary to save screenshots. The wake lock permission allows you to turn off your screen’s auto-sleep which is off by default. The internet permission is for analytics tracking by Localytics.

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