Overkill – Free Amazon App of the Day 8/17/11

Name: Overkill


Fly your ship through asteroid fields and waves of enemies to collect, upgrade, and destroy in Overkill. A side-scrolling shooter full of pure adrenaline-pumping action, Overkill puts an AI-guided spacecraft with responsive tilt controls at your disposal to help you defeat thousands of foes, earn high scores, and share those scores via online leaderboards.

Fight through enemy forces and challenging bosses, destroying anything that gets in your way to earn points and money. Occasional secondary objectives help keep gameplay varied, while you use the money earned to return to your hangar and upgrade your three weapon categories (cannons, rockets, and heavy weapons) in order to eradicate enemies and debris more efficiently. You also collect power-ups like rapid fire and double damage for increased destructive power.

Gameplay Modes
Start a new game and get into the main campaign, which is narrated by your ship’s AI. Or jump into one of several quick missions and bonus missions reflecting the campaign’s objectives in stand-alone form. You can even play survival mode if you’re up for a high score challenge. In the campaign you can select from four different difficulty levels for a variety of experiences: easy, normal, hard, and extreme.

Score Submission
At the end of each level, submit your score to the Scoreloop leaderboards with a Scoreloop login or a unique player ID. This widely used system lets you find out your rank for the last 24 hours, among players worldwide, or among your friends.

Additional Features
-Autosave when backing out of the game or exiting to your home screen
-Set controls to use the accelerometer or the touchscreen and keypad, trackball, or directional pad
-Tweak control sensitivity, sound effects, and music
-Increase the graphical filtering and detail if your phone has more powerful hardware
-Expect new levels, weapons, and power-ups to be added in future updates

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