Trip Journal – Amazon Free App of the Day 8/16/11

Name:Trip Journal


A Multimedia Travelogue
Trip Journal enables you to capture your vacation and travel experiences and share them with your friends and family in real time. Use the application’s built-in GPS and compass to track your route, progress, location, even altitude. Take your travel photos and videos from your mobile using Trip Journal, and record them with your travel notes as you go. Share your travel experiences day-by-day and your completed travelogue using Trip Journal’s built-in links to Facebook, Google Earth, Trip Journal, Picasa, Flickr, Youtube, and Twitter.

Your Navigator and Record-Keeper
Trip Journal functions as your navigator and record keeper, always there to keep you oriented and on course, and to document your progress. You can check you current position at any time by tapping the “Locate on map” icon; both map and satellite views are available. Tap the compass icon not only to confirm the direction you’re moving in, but to see how your trip is progressing. Look at the top of the screen to find the distance you’ve traveled and the time that’s elapsed since the start of your trip, your average speed over the course of the journey, and the minimum and maximum altitudes you’ve reached.

Capture Your Experiences
Record your experiences as you go, through photos, video, and notes. To snap up important moments while they’re happening, choose “Capture media,” and start recording stills and video. These are automatically saved to your trip album. Record thoughts and impressions about your experiences as journal notes on the vintage notepaper template under “Write a note.” Whenever you review or share your trip album, these notes, images, and videos will be included.

Bring Your Readers Along with You
Trip Journal also makes it easy to share your travel experiences. The app includes built-in links to Facebook, Google Earth, Trip Journal, Picasa, Flickr, Youtube, and Twitter that you can use to instantly upload your routes, photos, video, notes, and more. Embed your trip in your blog to bring all of your followers along on your journey. And, when you’ve completed your trip, you have a complete, ready-made Trip Journal album to keep and share, preserving the whole adventure.

• Compiles ready-made, multimedia journal album as you go
• Supports blog updates and embedding
• Supports Android’s Froyo mobile platform.

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