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in the massive number of “defense” games out there for Android Cartoon Defense is up there near the top of the list. Gameplay is good and the artwork is amusing.  Worth a download at a dollar, and definitely worth a free download…

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ZDefense – Free Amazon Appstore App of the Day 8/22/11

Name: ZDefense
Pure Tower Defense
ZDefense distills the best elements of tower defense games. This game features sharply drawn, geometric shapes on a hexagon grid, recalling the timeless old-school designs of such arcade classics as Tempest and Breakout. This fast-paced game will challenge even the most experienced tower defense fans.

Tower Defense 101
For those unfamiliar with the addictive tower defense genre, the game mechanics are fairly simple. You’re provided with cash to build towers of varying designs, strengths, and costs. Eventually your enemies (called “creeps” in this game) will come pouring out and make a beeline toward the exit you’re defending.

Every time you blast a creep, you gain a little money to build more towers. You can also spend your money upgrading the towers you have. Every time a creep reaches the exit, you take damage. Tower defense games are essentially a juggling act of resource allocation and fast reflexes.

Stay Calm. Don’t Panic. Keep Firing!
As creeps keep coming and coming, ZDefense evolves into a frantic maelstrom of destruction. You’ll face 50 waves of enemies in less than five minutes. Defend an exit in the middle of the map from creeps coming in from all directions. You simply can’t use the same strategy for every level; you must change up your tactics for each map.

ZDefense’s maps generally have 10 to 30 waves of enemies. The full version features five tutorial, ten normal, and eight hard maps. There are five tower types with seven levels each. To make your life more complicated, a special tile called the Space Gate allows creeps to teleport from one gate to another.

Command the Creeps
ZDefense comes with a map editor so you can create your own nightmare scenarios to terrify your fellow tower defense fans. The editor comes with full instructions and customizable maps, creeps, towers, and waves. Customize the game mechanics, such as wave wait times, base life, money, and more. You can also take screen captures of your game to record your victories and show off to your friends.

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GRave Defense HD – Amazon Appstore Free App for 7/26/11

Name: GRave Defense HD

GRave Defense HD is the next step in the evolution of tower defense games. Follow the harrowing encounters of the Fellowship of Survivals as you battle mutated zombies and formidable boss monsters.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
In a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a nuclear war, hordes of zombies hunger for human flesh. But these aren’t your garden variety zombies. It takes hundreds of rounds of high-caliber bullets to knock down these walking undead. It’s enough to make George Romero break out in a cold sweat. Fortunately, you’re packing some serious heat. Obliterate mutant hordes across 20 levels using fire, electricity, lasers, and other things that go boom.

But the situation soon gets from bad to worse. Zombies aren’t the only threats you’ll encounter. Some creatures are flyers that can only be shot down by certain towers. You’ll eventually face off against some of history’s most notorious villains, including Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster.

So Many Zombies, So Little Time
Each battlefield is unique. Visit exotic locations such as the Amazon Rainforest, the Bermuda Triangle, and even a space station that makes the Alien movies look like a Sunday picnic. You must use your array of towers and evolving tactics to survive. As you knock down each creature, you earn money to buy more towers. GRrave Defense is essentially a terrifying balancing act of resource allocation and military necessity.

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GRave Defense Gold on Steroids
GRave Defense HD includes all the levels from the original GRave Defense Gold, plus a new larger, beautiful (beautiful to zombies, anyway) multi-screen level. All levels, towers, mutants, special effects, and achievements are rendered in high-res graphics. Unlock new achievements, enemies, and towers. Earn new military ranks and climb up to the top of the hierarchy.

New Features
Challenge yourself with the new survival mode and four different levels of difficulty. GRave Defense HD also features visible monster paths, tower states and cool-downs, and a display for showing how much money each monster generates. Are you ready to be humanity’s last chance for survival?

“If you’re a fan of tower defense games and/or zombies and have a nice device to play this on, get it. Hands-down, Grave Defense HD is one of the best tower defense games on Android.” – Droid Gamers

“…for serious fans of the genre who relish a mighty challenge GRave Defense HD is a title worthy of your strategic prowess.” – Pocket Gamer

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