Google buys former iOS app Timeful to bring its time management smarts to Inbox and Calendar

Timeful iOS app

Google revealed on their official Gmail blog today that they’ve acquired the development team behind Timeful, a time management / to-do app originally exclusive to iOS. Timeful described their app as “the first intelligent time manager” which essentially infused a calendar with easy to use to-do lists and reminders. While that might not sound too advanced, the app also inserts “Habits” into your daily schedule whenever you have downtime, organizing times for you to take a walk, workout, or even “read for 30 minutes.”

It’s easy to see with all of Google’s services, why they’d want Timeful on their team. Google mentioned specifically that we’ll see Timeful features first make their way to Inbox and Calendar, with more plans in the near-ish future. Because Google Now is so heavily tied into most of Google’s services, you can imagine how many more convenient reminders with help from Timeful.

The original Timeful iOS app isn’t going away just yet, with the company mentioning that the app will continue to work, but will no longer have active development behind it. For a better idea of what Timeful is and how it worked, you can check out their promo video down below.

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