Google Play Store 5.5 brings even more Material design animations and other small tweaks [DOWNLOAD]

Google Play Store

Just because OEMs seemingly never got the “Material design” memo doesn’t mean Google isn’t doing their part to show the world how its done. There’s probably no better place to find well-executed Material design than Google’s very own Play Store app.

Googler Kirill Grouchnikov posted onto his Google+ page about some new changes rolling out in the new Google Play Store update 5.5. It’s nothing too drastic, just some slightly tweaked UI animations and other small changes. But it’s enough to make us wish all our devices were running the most up-to-date version of Android as only those on Android 5.1+ are able to view them. Phooey.

You can either wait days (or even weeks) for the update to finally hit your device, or download the apk download for sideloading. Enjoy.

Download: Google Play Store 5.5.8

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