How durable is the LG G4? This drop test has the answer [VIDEO]

lg g4 drop test

Most normal folks aren’t even able to get their hands on the LG G4 yet, but the guys at TechRax already have one to abuse. They’ve put the device through an infamous drop test to see how it stands to the unfortunate event of it falling to hard concrete.

The results? Not too great. When dropped on its backside the device came out just fine, though that’s not much of a surprise considering the rear of the LG G4 is draped in genuine leather. Dropping it onto its face was a different story — the glass shattered in a lot more ways than one. That said, the touchscreen was still operable so it wasn’t all bad.

All in all, it’s probably a good idea to grab a case when you buy an LG G4 if you’re on the clumsy side and find yourself dropping your device a lot. Otherwise, be careful because this thing definitely isn’t indestructible.

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