LG G4 holds up surprisingly well in this drop test from @TechRax [VIDEO]

LG G4 drop test

The question on the back of anyone’s mind when buying a shiny new Android device is usually, “What happens if I drop this?” This usually results in the first purchase after a smartphone being a stylish case to keep everything protected. While just about any Android phone will shatter if it lands just right (usually directly on its face), most are still perfectly usable with the exception of a few glass shards possibly winding up in your finger. LG’s displays on the other hand are notorious for becoming completely inoperable once cracked, forcing the user to send the device in for repairs before it can be used again.

In his latest video, YouTuber TechRax performs yet another smartphone “durability test,” this time with the recently announced LG G4. While these drop tests rarely prove much if anything, we did find it interesting that — even after the front display was completely shattered — the LG G4 was still responsive to the touch, allowing the device to be operated as usual despite being an eyesore. This has definitely given us new perspective on the G4 and we think it might for some of you as well. Check out the video down below.

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