Mmmmm Gingerbread

So I decided that it was time to wipe my phone and start from scratch (again).  It was running horribly slow and to even make a call I had to wait for the home screen to load.  While I was making this decision I started looking through the Rom Manager app (available in Android Market) and came across ChevyNo1’s new Gingerbread build.

I did a double backup of my current setup (all possible since I have a rooted phone) so I had nothing to lose.  If it messed up I just have to boot the phone into recovery mode and reload my backup.  It downloaded and installed flawlessly.  I did the initial Google login setup and let it load for a half hour or so when it was done.  I noticed it was getting pretty warm, then I saw there was an icon in the notification bar.   I checked it out and it had said that it had reloaded my 60 apps.  That was pretty sweet.

With the fresh OS installed the phone works amazingly fast and looks even better.  It has a Black theme, which means they got rid of the ugly grey bar that I hate so much, plus the menus and icons are all redesigned too.  Visually it has a few cool scrolling and opening/closing effects, and my favorite effect is when you turn off the screen, or let it time out it looks like an old TV powering off.

I am not going to go into great detail, I just wanted to share that it has been a good experience so far.  I think I’ll keep it until something better comes out.  I had actually held onto the last one for a few months, probably the longest running version for my phone since I got it a year and a half ago…

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