Second Life – My thoughts

So I decided to (finally) try out this whole Second Life thing. I was watching some reruns of The Office and there is an episode where Dwight has a Second Life and it is exactly like his normal life, except he can fly… So I signed up (free) and created a character that looks nothing like me (out of the 10 or so preset characters you can pick from) and installed the game.

The download was quick, and the 2nd download during install was pretty quick too.  A very easy process. I did get an error that my video card wasn’t recognized, so we’ll have to see how that goes.  It logged me in, made me accept the terms and conditions.  Went through download part 3 and BAM there I was.

I was immediately invited to the Zombie Attack group because I was referred from their website.  Lots of Zombie attacks and my first in-game impression isn’t good.  This is like a horrible zombie game.  I then went into the Destination Guide and and teleported myself to a random place.  This time the Grand Canyon. Even after changing the graphic settings every which way, it doesn’t look all that good.  Plus that graphics card error seems to be an issue in that the screen flickers or goes blank.

I guess I’ll uninstall and maybe try something else… Any suggestions?

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