Moto 360 (2015) alleged leaked render shows full 360-degree display, new watch strap

Moto 360 DSC06955

It was 3 weeks ago we got a sneak peek at what could have been a Moto 360 successor courtesy of a Lenovo exec showing off prototypes on the Chinese blogging site, Weibo. More recently, details of the device of what could be the Moto 360 (2nd Gen) — codename Smelt — were uncovered by us, with the device boasting a 360×360 display.

Today, new alleged image of the watch is making the rounds and once again, comes to us from the Weibo. Now, it’s unclear where this person obtained the image, or even if its legit, but it does show a render of a watch that looks extremely similar to what the Lenovo exec was showing off the other day.

Moto 360 2015 leak

The image shows a very similar disc/hockey puck-like design, with new watch straps that feature metal attachable arms. It’s interesting because the previously leaked photos of the prototype device also had arms, but they were attached the smartwatch’s metal frame. These are more like inserts.

Also worth pointing out is the physical button is smack dab in the center, like last year’s model and not off towards the top as in the previous leak. You’ll also notice the the “flat tire” bezel, which housed the watch’s display drivers, is also not present in this render, which we admit looks great.

As is the case with most “leaks,” take this with a huge grain of salt. It’s been a little over a year since the original Moto 360 was officially announced, so we bet we’ll be seeing more of this Moto 360 followup in the weeks leading up to Google I/O 2015.


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