Pebble Time Steel will ship to early backers at month’s end

Pebble Time Steel Gold

While most backers have already gotten their hands wrists on the Kickstarter-funded Pebble Time smartwatch, the high-end Pebble Time Steel still has yet to make its way to early adopters. That will change sometime very soon, according to an announcement made by the Pebble team on Kickstarter.

The Pebble Time Steel will start production this week and will begin shipping out to Kickstarter backers the last week in July. All backers should receive tracking numbers by the end of August, as long as production goes as planned. The metal-clad smartwatch will ship out to backers in both leather and metal strap varieties, though due to limited availability, some backers of the Pebble Time Steel will receive their metal bands as a separate shipment as more become available.

In addition, when the watch hits retail shelves, the metal band will only be sold as a separate accessory and won’t be included in retail units.

In case you missed it, we’ve already posted our review of the Pebble Time. Offering an affordable price point, unique software experience, full week battery life and cross-platform compatibility, the Pebble Time is one of the best smartwatches on the market. Be sure to check out our full review for more information. If you’re interested in pre-ordering the watch, you can do so for just $200 from Best Buy.

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