Samsung’s crazy egg-shaped speaker delivers radiant sound to every seat


What looks like an egg, could be found on The Jetsons, and produces pretty decent sound? The Samsung Radiant 360 speaker. This thing might look a little weird, but it’s actually a nifty device. Samsung unveiled the device back at CES and now they’ve announced it will go on sale later this month for $500.

The Radiant 360 has been designed to use Samsung’s “Ring Radiator” technology. It can deliver balanced audio within a 360-degree radius. You can set it up anywhere and it will deliver sound to every corner of the room. You don’t have to worry about where it sits or points. The odd shape of the speaker also helps even disperse the sound.

Since this is a Samsung product you can bet it works with tons of other Samsung devices. The Radiant 360 can integrate with other speakers, and with Samsung’s audio app you can wirelessly control the music and rooms. This device would also be perfect as something like the Amazon Echo. A centralized hub that can answer questions and perform basic tasks. Samsung hasn’t annonced anything like that, but we could see it in the future.

What do you thin of this crazy-looking device?

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