Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer – Free Amazon Appstore App for 7/20/11

Haven’t you ever wanted to be able to change your voice to make it sound like a robot, alien, chipmunk, robot, or simply add echo, or make it sound all metallic. Plus did I mention you can make it sound like a robot? As a robot I have all these sounds built it, but for you humans all you have to do is download today’s Amazon free app of the day. If you grab this download today you get it for free, saving yourself a whole american dollar.

Name: Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer
Tired of the sound of your own voice? Find a new one with Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer, a fun vocal-effects app for your Android device. Enjoy 23 different voice effects in this deluxe version.

Hear yourself talk like an alien, robot, or chipmunk; play your voice backwards, sped up, slowed down, with an echo, or by using other effects. Crack yourself up or weird out your friends and family–it’s easy and fun.

23 Voices, Endless Fun

Creating crazy new voices is simple with Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer. The recording process is user friendly, and a detailed Help page answers any questions you may have as you explore all the app’s options. (For example, if you hear excessive static during playback, a helpful tip suggests that you lower your recording volume and try again.)

Keep in mind that a one-minute audio file created by this app will be about 1.3 megabytes in size. Unless you’re on an unlimited data plan with your carrier, you may want to minimize sending audio recordings via e-mail when using this app.

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