StumbleUpon for Android

If you are at all like me you may spend a little too much time surfing the web.  If you love to surf the web as much as I do than you probably already use the StumbleUpon service.  If not you will definitely want to start.

StumbleUpon is both a great service for discovering new websites and an addiction.  I say addiction because once you start you can’t stop.  Traditionally StumbleUpon is a browser addon that sits at the top of your screen and has a button marked (appropriately so) “Stumble”.  When you click the button you are taken to a random website.  Once there you can either give it a thumbs up or down, or you can write a review of the site.

Sounds simple enough, right?  Well what if you could have that same capability in the palm of your hand?  Right on your Android device?  Well now you can.  Simply install the app, log in and all of your favorites are now available to you, plus you can “Stumble” for some new favorites.

Wasting time is not just reserved for at home anymore!