Free C25K workout/music app from Amazon

Ever wanted a personal trainer with you (Nintendo Punch Out styled) to run with you and keep you going, all with a great soundtrack? Well that’s what this app does.  It plays your music all while timing your workout and giving you personalized  information as you progress.

Free only today, and only at the Amazon App Store…

JogTracker Pro – Free Amazon Appstore App of the Day

I am actually excite to try this app out.  I want to do a comparison verses the Nike+ watch and chip in the shoe thing.  I know that the Nike+ thing isn’t very accurate compared to the treadmill, or actually on a path that has the distance marked.

I will do the comparison test and keep you all posted.

Name: JogTracker Pro
Keep track of your distance in miles or kilometers. Use GPS and Google Maps to help you find your way. View your jog history on the Web. Share your progress on Facebook and Twitter. Listen for voice prompts at intervals.
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