Lingrove – Word Game – Amazon Free App of the Day 7/25/11

Name: Lingrove

“Dark clouds were lingering in the sky, waiting to open up and drench the natives of Lingrove. I was sitting on the branch of my tree house and tying a swing to it. Suddenly a fierce thunder erupted in the sky, making me jump. I fell off the branch, crying "ouch!” as I landed with a thud. I started calling names looking at the sky. An even stronger thunder yelled back at me, the rain falling harder.

“That’s when I heard someone laughing. I looked around and saw a girl holding a basket of flowers. She was dressed in white and had the prettiest eyes. She just stood there, drenched in the rain, smiling and full of innocence.”

And so begins the love story at the heart of Lingrove, a challenging new word game for Android. Can you work your way through the puzzles and unlock the rest of the tale?

Word Workout
The word games in Lingrove are simple to play but difficult to beat. If you’ve ever played the colored-peg game Mastermind then you already understand the concept: Try to solve the mystery word by guessing different letters until you’ve found the right combination. Every time you put the correct letter in the right place in the word, the game draws a box around it. If you guess the right letter right but place it out of order, the letter is be circled. Then you just have to try it in another slot on your next guess.

In the picture at left, for example, the game helps you get started by providing the letter “C” in the correct location. The first guessed word (“WATCH”) does not reveal any other correct letters but it does eliminate W, A, T, and H from consideration. The second guess shows that P and E are also correct and in the proper place. It also reveals that there is an I in the word, but in a different spot. Third time’s the charm, as the answer is “PRICE.”

Note: Lingrove is compatible only with HDPI screen resolutions of WVGA800 (480×800) and WVGA854 (480×854).

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