Free Movies and TV (Without a Subscription) via Crackle

If you have seen the Netflix app and been a bit jealous of it, but still couldn’t bring yourself to pay the $8 a month for the service than Crackle is for you.

Crackle is an app that gives you access to a bunch of movies and TV shows right on your Android phone.  Movies like Pineapple Express, Big Daddy, So I Married an Axe Murder, and TV shows like Seinfeld, and Married With Children. 

All for free. A free app and a free service, so download it and enjoy!

Check out “Crackle – Movies & TV”

Netflix for All*

Netflix announced today that their application is now available on Android Market for all* Android phones.  Well all* (take note of the *) means any Android phone that is running 2.2 and up (Froyo, Gingerbread, and Honeycomb). Fortunately this is a large number of Android devices.  Unfortunately, I have to apologize to all of you out there with the older devices…

So download away and show the world how much your productivity can get flushed down the toilet…