Guitar Hero 5 Mobile – Amazon Free App of the Day 8/1/11

Name: Guitar Hero 5 Mobile
Crank up the amps and step into the spotlight with Guitar Hero 5 on your Android device. Command the stage and rock out with up to 20 of the hottest jaw-dropping tracks from iconic rock bands. Drive the crowd into a frenzy on lead guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Guitar Hero 5 features songs from Blink 182, No Doubt, Nirvana, Vampire Weekend, Sublime, Bush, David Bowie, and other popular bands. From the popular Guitar Hero franchise comes one of the most epic, full-featured rock ‘n’ roll band games available for your mobile phone. Unleash your inner rock legend with Guitar Hero 5 and upgrade to the full version to unlock even more rock.

Rock Your Phone
• Test your skills with 2 game modes and 3 difficulty settings for tons of replay value

• Change your rocker in the Appearance menu; choose between Eddie and Pandora

• Check out the leaderboards and become the best rocker in the world

• Select the guitar or drum kit you want to use and unlock more as you play

• Unlock 31 unique achievements and earn a cool guitar pick for each one

• Feel like a true rock star with awesome rockers, crowds, and venue effects

Shred Like a Star
Watch as your character rocks out on stage and increase your score by achieving note streaks. Rack up massive combos by hitting 10 or more correct notes in a row. Keep an eye on the Rock Meter to see how hard you’re rocking. Earn enough points and tap the blue star on-screen or shake your handset to unleash your Star Power. Bring your rock star status to another level by doubling your multiplier.

Tips and Tricks
• Earn an encore by rocking the fans and completing all songs in a venue

• Improve your score by playing all available instruments for each song

• Try out your talent in Practice mode to improve your skills

• Unlock new instrument designs by beating an encore song

• Get the highest scores by playing on Expert mode

Get Schooled in the Ways of Rock
Tap the green, red, and yellow notes as they reach the nearest fret bar to successfully play each chord, drum beat, or bass line. When playing the bass or the drums, a purple bar will appear as well as the other three notes. Tap any of the colored notes to play this note to strum on the bass guitar or stomp on the kick pedal as the drummer.

Lead the Boards Online
Once you master the single player experience and complete every high quality song, you’ll still have to prove that you’re the best in the world. Prove that your fingers are the fastest on the frets by tapping into the leaderboards section to download the latest high scores. Career mode scores combine your point total on drums, bass, and guitar for each song to make up your overall score online.

Download Link: (Android Market)

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