Twitch app for Android gains a convenient pop-out player in most recent update


Watching other people play video games may not sound too amusing to everyone out there, but the craze has recently picked up steam all throughout the world. If you happen to use popular game streaming service Twitch on your Android device, you’ll be happy to hear that a neat little update is headed your way.

The Twitch team has just announced a new pop-up player feature that will allow you to keep broadcasts streaming, even when you’re outside of the application. To access the new feature simply tap the pop-out icon located on the bottom right corner of the video player, or you can get to it via the Settings cog. When you’re in pop-out mode, you can change the size of the player with your finger. Tapping the pop-in icon on the left of the player should return you to the full app and resume the original broadcast without missing a beat. It should be noted that this new feature only works in landscape mode on smartphones; the feature will work in both landscape and portrait modes if you’re on a tablet.

While I have you here, did you happen to know that Android Authority has a Twitch account? Our very own Joe Hindy has been streaming a ton of games as of late, including popular titles like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Hitman Sniper, Siegefall, Kingdom Rush: Origins and many, many more. Our broadcasts normally last anywhere around 30-60 minutes at a time, which makes it easy to watch each one in a single sitting.

Be sure to follow Android Authority on Twitch to get a first-hand look at the most recent and popular mobile games on the market. To do so, head to the link below to become a follower. Also, the update to the Twitch mobile app should be live in the Play Store, so be sure to check out that link as well.

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