Beam directions from desktop Google Maps to your Android phone or tablet

Good news, friends! It’s now super easy to send location information, complete with directions, from Google Maps on your desktop to your phone or tablet. When you select a location on desktop Google Maps, a “Send to device” button will be available under the location and hours of the place that you’ve selected. You can click that to send the info to your device, which will then get the details in a notification.

googlemapsandroidlocation From the notification, you’ve got a few choices of what to do next. Clicking the address will open up Google Maps and display the location, hours, and more of the place that you’re interested in. The notification also contains buttons to begin navigation right away or view the directions to the place that you’re looking at. googlemapsandroidnotification While searching for a location on your phone after finding it on your desktop isn’t exactly a ton of work, being able to simply send the info from Google Maps on your desktop to Google Maps on your phone is a faster, smoother, more integrated experience. To try this feature for yourself, you’ll need the newest version of the Google Maps app (v9.11.0) on your phone or tablet. You can grab it from Google Play or APK Mirror.

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