Amazfit Bip – A Better Smartwatch


I have been a little obsessive lately. I have been watch shopping.  This in itself is a big deal because I have loved my Pebble watches that I have had for the last few years.  I was looking for something similar to the Pebble, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  

Honestly I got sucked into a Facebook ad or 2. “Free watch, only pay shipping”. I was like, “What do I have to lose?”. The correct answer to that question is $8. Thankfully I paid through PayPal and just had to report it to get my money back. Lesson learned. Or was it?

The next scam I was pulled into was a new company called TruGadgy Seems like a nice name. Their deal? $19.99 free shipping.  Guaranteed to be shipped in 3 business days. I have that a month and then reported it to PayPal and got my money back again. 

That was when I decided that the only way that I was going to be able to actually receive a product was to go with a reputable store. I started shopping the likes of Walmart and Amazon. Both had good selections of the same cheap looking watches, priced $30 and up.  

I quickly became obsessed with reading reviews. I started to mentally make a list of what I wanted.  I love the idea of an epaper watch. Mainly because the battery life is awesome.  Step tracking is huge as well because I tend to do 10,000 steps a day without trying. I also wanted something with a heart rate monitor, because of some of the troubles I have experienced in the last few years..

That’s when I started reading about the Amazfit watches. What caught my eye right away was that they claim “up to 30 days battery life”. I thought there was no way. So I started reading reviews. People are claiming 2 weeks with heart rate and notifications.  It also had the fitness and sleep tracking so I made the decision to go with it.  It was around $70, but I knew o would be wearing it in a couple of days with Prime. 

Now that I have it I couldn’t be happier.  The battery life is AMAZING. I honestly charged it 10 days ago, with constant heart rate and a bunch of email and social media notifications per hour it is still charged. 12% at the time of writing. (See the above picture.)

The app is nice as well. Well laid out and has a bunch of options for sleep details, heart rate details and any other fitness option you could imagine. 

So give it a shot. I’m pretty sure you will like it.  I’m convinced that at 12% battery I can still confidently let it track my sleep tonight and I can wait to charge it in the morning.  I just have to get moving and get those additional ~200 steps to hit my goal…..




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