Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals – Free Amazon Appstore App of the Day 7/28/11

Name: Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals

A Letter From Jamie

Hi Guys,
Thanks for all your messages asking for 20 Minute Meals on Android. It’s finally here, and will help you to prepare and cook loads of delicious meals; each one in around 20 minutes.
There’s 60 recipes in total; each one presented one step at a time, with photos along the way, so you really can’t go wrong! There’s also a cool shopping list feature which sorts your ingredients by aisle so you’ll be really speedy in the supermarket too.

Breeze through the store using aisle view on the shopping list
As well as all that you’ll find 21 videos of me shot exclusively-for-mobile with useful tips, tricks and kitchen skills from sharpening a knife to chopping an onion. Download it today and get cooking!
Big love,
Jamie Oliver xxx

Jamie’s App:
Who can help but be charmed by England’s Jamie Oliver, The Naked Chef? Jamie is well known as chef, restaurateur, and an advocate for improving unhealthy diets, especially championing healthy school lunches for children.

Watch an introductory video from Jamie and get right to the recipes. Search for a recipe or peruse 10 categories such as Delicious soups, Tasty stir-fries, and Simple risottos. Each recipe includes a summary with a picture of the dish, an ingredient and equipment list, detailed instructions, and relevant videos on tasks like garlic preparation or onion chopping. Double-touch the screen in landscape mode to see pictures of each step.

Add ingredients to your list and then use the general shopping list to view by recipe or by aisle. Use the menu to quickly access any video or learn about what Jamie feels are kitchen essentials – both ingredients and equipment. Jamie promises that this app will “arm you with the confidence” to have tasty meals in 20 minutes!

Download Link: http://goo.gl/TVtDs (Amazon.com)

Some “Best of the Best” accessories for your Android phone:

iCookbook – Amazon Appstore Free App for 7-14-11

Not only is it the free app of the day today, this previously apple exclusive is launching on Android today, exclusively on the Amazon Appstore. 

If you are someone that loves technology and loves to cook, than this app is for you.  This app gives you a full cookbook at your fingertips with all the benefits of an ebook like the ability to search and a cool feature called stir.  Stir takes the featured recipes and refreshes them with a fresh list, so if you are looking for something new to make it gives you some fresh ideas.

After today the cost of this app will jump up to it’s normal price of $4.99.  So try it out. It can’t hurt since it is free, but remember that it is only availabe today for free!