iCooking Barbecue – Free Amazon Appstore App for 8/3/11

Name: iCooking Barbecue
This grilling season surprise your guests with unique new barbecue favorites. iCooking Barbecue offers dishes that will be a welcome change from the typical burgers and hot dogs. If you don’t think you’re a grill master, it’s time to reevaluate your skills. These easy-to-follow recipes will turn your backyard into the new place for the best barbecue.

Beyond the Burger
Simply searching for a recipe will make your mouth water. Vivid photos of each dish, and a search-friendly interface make it simple to peruse a variety of delectable options, from bacon-wrapped scallop kabobs to Asian-style beef patties. Search All Recipes to view every dish. If you’re set on grilling something specific–let’s say, beef–search recipes by type, and filter your search to eliminate all non-beef options.

Grilling the Goods
Once you’ve decided on a recipe, iCooking Barbecue lists all of the ingredients you’ll need, provides step-by-step instructions if necessary, and includes a nice photo of the completed dish. The app also lets you save your own original recipes as well as share your discoveries with friends and family via e-mail. Don’t forget to add dishes to your Favorites list for those that you and your guests just love.

Download Link: http://goo.gl/niZ3H (Amazon.com)

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iCookbook – Amazon Appstore Free App for 7-14-11

Not only is it the free app of the day today, this previously apple exclusive is launching on Android today, exclusively on the Amazon Appstore. 

If you are someone that loves technology and loves to cook, than this app is for you.  This app gives you a full cookbook at your fingertips with all the benefits of an ebook like the ability to search and a cool feature called stir.  Stir takes the featured recipes and refreshes them with a fresh list, so if you are looking for something new to make it gives you some fresh ideas.

After today the cost of this app will jump up to it’s normal price of $4.99.  So try it out. It can’t hurt since it is free, but remember that it is only availabe today for free!