Motorola might be using Snapdragon 808 and 810 in latest flagships

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Say what you want about the Snapdragon 810’s supposed overheating issues, but it seems more companies are going to use it in their 2015 flagships. One such company seems to be Motorola, with a trusted tipster leaking word that at least one of their latest devices will use the oft-maligned chipset.

That particular phone would be the XT1585, which is said to be a Verizon device with QHD resolution and 640 DPI (codenamed Kinzie). Meanwhile, the XT1578 or XT1097 — both codenamed “Clark,” with the former being Verizon-specific — will look to run a Snapdragon 808. Those will also enjoy QHD resolution (albeit it at a slightly lower DPI of 560).

There isn’t much other new information about these devices so we’re still not exactly sure what Motorola’s plans for 2015 look like. For what it’s worth Motorola has seemingly started to mask the codenames of their devices using model numbers of phones that already exist. Evidence that the leakster is hot on the trail? Perhaps, but we suppose that means little in the end — we know Motorola is going to be bringing some heat later this summer, and we hope official word about their plans isn’t far off.

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