Samsung Galaxy Note 5: What do you want from the *next* next big thing?

Some hopes and expectations for the next Galaxy Note

It’s almost time for a new Samsung Galaxy Note — and it looks like this year’s model could bring a few changes. It’s the first time we’ll see Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 design language applied to a larger, stylus-equipped handset. And if the latest reports are to be believed, the Galaxy Note 5 could arrive significantly earlier than expected.

The Note line is a series of products with a unique appeal and a loyal following. The Notes are the only pen-toting phones to have sold in large numbers. They’ve also been showcase devices for Samsung’s homegrown multitasking features, multi window and popup window.

So what’s next? We’ll make a few early predictions after the break, but we also want to hear from current Note users and anyone considering upgrading — what’ll make the Note 5 your next Android phone?

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