Sony Xperia Z3, Z1s one step closer to Android 5.0 Lollipop according to T-Mobile’s software updates page

T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z3 Android 50 Lollipop

It’s been a good few months since we saw Sony officially announce Lollipop for the Sony Xperia Z3, followed by a rollout for the unlocked US versions. The update has eluded carrier branded models in the US but by now it’s a story you’ve heard before. Carriers tend to delay the update process with the extensive testing that goes into any software update for a device operating on their network.

When it comes to the T-Mobile model, things weren’t looking so good given the phone disappeared from inventory a few weeks back. But it didn’t take long for the Z3 to return to T-Mobile’s store shelves (and at a discount no less), leaving us feeling a bit more optimistic that a Lollipop update was around the corner.

It now seems T-Mobile has recently updated their software updates page, with both the Sony Xperia Z3 and its older sibling, the Sony Xperia Z1s, showing that Lollipop has officially entered into the carrier testing phase. T-Mobile has 3 phases on their page: manufacturer development, T-Mobile testing, and then finally a completed status.

The next phase from here is the rollout and a completed status. Now that we’re one step closer, that rollout can’t be too far out. Stay tuned.

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