The MicFlip is a fully reversible MicroUSB cable

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Have you ever tried connecting your Android phone or tablet to the charger cable in the middle of the night without switching the bedside lamp on? It’s a pain, right? You almost always end up turning the light on so you can turn the cable the right way to fit the slot. There is a solution though, in the form of the fully reversible MicFlip MicroUSB cable that is currently the subject of a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo.

MicFlipWhile we wait for the reversible USB Type-C to hit the mainstream, most of us are saddled with devices that only have MicroUSB slots with only one way to insert the standard MicroUSB cable. The MicFlip reversible MicroUSB cable means that we can enjoy some of the benefits of USB Type-C in the meantime though. The super-strong, nylon braided cable has corrosion resistant, gold-coated plugs and is 1m (3 feet) long. Did I mention that both ends are reversible, not just the MicroUSB plug but also the USB A plug as well? This means that whichever end of the cable you are trying to insert, it will never be the wrong way round. No more fumbling in the dark when trying to connect your phone or tablet to your wall charger, computer, etc.


The MicFlip reversible MicroUSB cable is developed by WinnerGear and will work with any device that has a MicroUSB socket such as smartphones, tablets, speakers, power banks etc.

WinnerGear started the MicFlip campaign on Indiegogo with a $6,000 goal which it then met within 24 hours. After just three days, it has managed to raise 347% of its funding target, which is currently standing on over $20,087. There’s still 28 days to go, and the cheaper options of funding are being snapped up fast. While the $10 Super Early Bird option is long gone, the following perks are still available:

  • $15 Early Bird – 1 MicFlip cable
  • $20 First Edition – 1 MicFlip in retail packaging
  • $30 Double Flip – 2 MicFlip cables
  • $100 StockFlip – 10 MicFlip cables in retail packaging
  • $225 Friends & Family – 25 MicFlip cables in retail packaging
  • $425 Fifty Shades of MicFlip – 50 MicFlip cables in retail packaging
  • $1,500 Wholesalers – 200 MicFlip cables in retail packaging

Regardless of which option you choose, free worldwide shipping is included, and if you live in Europe, WinnerGear will ship the MicFlip to you from London (UK), thus avoiding any customs  fees.

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Production of the MicFlip reversible MicroUSB cable was scheduled to begin as soon as the goal was met, with WinnerGear saying it planned to start shipping August, with an absolute deadline of September 1st. I can confirm though that production has already begun, and WinnerGear are now planning to begin shipping the MicFlip by the end of July. They definitely aren’t waiting around. You can navigate to MicFlip’s Indiegogo campaign by clicking here.

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