Update To Instant Contact Card

We received a ton of great responses from the community regarding our contact card proposal, so we wanted to share with you a few additional contact card options based on your feedback. The initial contact card proposal was designed to optimize for the majority of users who do not have contact photos or high resolution contact photos. The secondary goal was to create a UX affordance that allows up to 5 options on the card while making those options easily reachable. After much discussion, we identified support for hi-res images as a third goal.

Due to the complexity of supporting multiple layouts, as well as consistency between low res and hi res cards, we would like to only support one layout for contact cards. We also want to preserve the original photo. We listened to your feedback and put together the additional options below.

Option 1: This is the originally proposed contact card. This is still our preferred option as it meets all of our goals mentioned above but does not support hi res photos well.

Option 2: The background photo is no longer blurred, which introduces contrast issues when text is applied on top of the photo. This is a good middle ground to show the high res photo.  This would be our second choice.

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Option 3: The photo is sized to expand to the top of the screen. This will cause low res photos to appear pixelated. There is also excessive space when there is no photo, which will be the most common case.

Option 4: The photo does not inherit the contact color. The same issues from previous options apply to this option a well.


We would love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to contact the design team at design@cyngn.com.

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