KFC’s food trays with built-in Bluetooth keyboards need to come to every restaurant RIGHT NOW

File this one firmly under the “I never thought I wanted or needed this until I saw it” category. Germany KFC restaurants have started a limited trial run of new food trays. Big deal, right? Who cares about a food tray that you’re only going to be using for 20 minutes while you stuff your face with food?

Except these food trays have Bluetooth keyboards built inside. The keyboards are thin enough to fit under the microfilm slit such as an advertisement would. You pair it with your smartphone or tablet, and continue typing away or doing whatever it is you need to do on your phone or tablet, all the while avoiding a greasy, disgusting mess on the display.

kfc food tray typer

What’s not to love? Open letter to all fast food establishments: copy this idea, and put it into all of your food trays as standard. It might be expensive, but the coolness and convenience factors will more than make up for that.

[via Engadget]

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