OnePlus is announcing something on June 1st, could be the OnePlus Two

OnePlus One Two announcement

Last year, the original OnePlus One was made official back in April. Here we are at the tail-end of May and suffice to say, we’re probably a little overdue for a One followup. Now, OnePlus never committed to a yearly release schedule for their devices, so it’s not like they’re actually “late.”

But with OEMs like Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony already playing their hands for this year, OnePlus has to do something and quick. If we had to give them credit for anything, it’d be keeping their cards so close to their chest. After several mini announcements this year (like OxygenOS) we may finally have a date for actual new hardware.

OnePlus is once again teasing an event on their Google+ page, but this time it looks like it could actually be the OnePlus One followup we’ve been waiting for and not some new portable battery charger or anything like that. The startup posted a photo of the original One being erased along with the tag line “we think it’s time for a change.” If we were betting men, we’d say a OnePlus Two is almost certain. Of course, this is OnePlus we’re talking about here, so we wont get our hopes up lets we find ourselves blindsided by a new OnePlus color or denim battery cover.

Like in previous years, 2015’s flagships all have a little something they’re missing. The Galaxy S6 has some of the worst battery life we’ve experienced on a handset, the G4 is simply too big to use comfortably with one hand, the One M9 has a terrible camera that only performs in the best lighting conditions. If OnePlus was smart, they’d carefully consider all of these weaknesses when building their new phone. With rumors that there could be 2 OnePlus handsets this year — a smaller sized phone and larger sized phablet — we hope they can surprise us.


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